Bathroom Design for Kids

Bathroom design for kids requires proper planning and for the most part strategic positioning of all types of bathroom equipment, sanitation and even furniture. You can make a small bathroom look spacious or you can make a specious bathroom look congested by simple lighting tricks and placement of equipment.Designing a kid’s bathroom is quite different from an ordinary bathroom design as it requires colorful themes, decorations as well as safety. They most precious thing to any parent is their child and their happiness; many times they often go overboard when decorating the bathroom and end up with a congested design. Here are some basic things that can help you better design your kid’s bathroom:

Decide A Color Theme

One of the very first steps is to select a color theme for the bathroom. Usually kid’s bathroom is attached to their room and that makes it easier for you to select a theme that is similar or complements the colors of the bedroom. You can always ask an interior designer to help you with the selection or you can use a color wheel. You can also go through designs on Tiles and Tools website to get a better idea of different types of bathroom designs.

Paint With Love And Fun

Remember, children like bright and fun colors so when you are painting the bathroom put in some passion and love. Try out something new, paint randomly or introduce abstract art. An interesting concept is to paint vertically or horizontally multiple stripes of different colored paints.

Involve Your Kids

It’s their bathroom and they will be using it for the most part so let them decide and involve them. You can always influence their decision but the more you involve them in decorating their bathroom the happier they will be. Another interesting idea is to use their artwork in the bathroom.

Use Specially Designed Sanitation Equipment

Sanitation equipment including toilet seats, basins, taps and showers all are available in different sizes. Make sure that you have the correct size installed in kid’s bathroom to ensure safety and ease of use. If the size in inappropriate then your kids might feel uncomfortable in using the bathroom.

Safety – A Top Priority

Safety is the most important aspect when designing a bathroom especially for children. You need to install tub pads to ensure that kids don’t slip. You also need to cover the faucets and drains to ensure that they don’t accidently turn on hot water. Moreover make sure there are no sharp objects or edges exposed in your kid’s bathroom.


When you design a bathroom, decoration is an important aspect. Simple bathroom decorations can go a long way in making it look more lively, colorful and spacious. Moreover proper lighting also plays an important part in making your bathroom roomy.


When you design your kid’s bathroom make sure that you make it colorful, use the proper sanitation equipment and make it safe for your child.

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