Choice Toilet Handle Replacement

The Choice Toilet Flush Handle or Lever. Available for Purchase Via Our Store’s Link in The Menu Above.

This is a General Guide on How to Replace The Faulty One In Your Home, Yourself. So Kindly Swipe Left On the Image above.

Improperly tightened handles are a common cause of flushing problems with toilets.

If your toilet is not flushing completely, check to see if you have a loose toilet handle. Loose handles can be tightened easily with an adjustable wrench.

If your toilet is running continuously, make sure your toilet handle isn’t too tight. When the nut on a toilet handle is too tight, the handle arm won’t fall to its resting position after flushing. Make sure the handle has enough room to allow the arm to move freely. Tight handles can be loosened with an adjustable wrench.

Broken toilet handles will prevent a toilet from running at all and require replacement. Use this guide to replace the flush lever and tank lever on a traditional gravity flush toilet.

View the images below for the guide. Thanks.

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